Computer graphics -- 2008-2009 --

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Classes Edit

The laboratories presented here follow the ones from Computer graphics -- 2007-2008 -- However there are some modifications related to their content and thus students are encouraged to follow these ones instead.

The materials for the CG class can be accessed at this page (by Prof. Dr. Dana Petcu (in Romanian)).

Laboratory agenda Edit

Please consult Computer graphics -- 2008-2009 -- agenda.

Laboratory evaluation Edit

During each lab you will be given some problems to solve. At the end each of student will report his/hers progress and during the next laboratory a number of 3-5 students will be randomly picked for questioning on their assignments. The students will be graded for each answer (on a scale of 1 to 10) and the final lab grade will be the average of their obtained grades.

The lab grade makes up 50% of the final grade.

No other examination form will be considered (projects, homeworks, tests during the semester).

Laboratory tools, frameworks and libraries Edit

Please consult Computer graphics -- 2007-2008 -- tools.

You can find application templates for starting your own JOGL application at the following link: Computer graphics -- 2008-2009 --

Laboratory notes Edit

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