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This meeting took place on Saturday, 10th March 2007 @ 22:00 UTC in the freenode channel #wikiversity. A log of the meeting can be found at /log. There are further discussions on the discussion page.

This page is to plan a meeting on IRC to discuss research scope and guidelines - in advance of the WMF board's meeting on March 16th. Specifically, are these proposals good and realistic enough to move Wikiversity out of its "beta" phase?

Pros edit

  • It might be a good way of "hammering out" ideas that could be useful in addressing questions that the board may have.
  • It would be an opportunity for people of different Wikiversities to get to know each other.

Cons edit

  • There is actually no research on Wikiversity.
  • Perhaps we should better discuss why Wikiversity is so little attractive to researchers.
  • ...

Interested participants edit

If you are interested in attending such a meeting, please list yourself with dates and times that suit or don't suit you. (Try to leave a line for the next user that includes the table markup, for ease of use.) If you are not sure, just leave your details underneath, and someone can format it for you. :-)

Username Main WV project Timezone (UTC+/-?) Preferred times Days/dates available/not
Cormaggio English UTC+0 19-24:00 UTC (though flexible) Available almost any day
JWSchmidt English UTC-7 flexible Generally available
Rayc English UTC-6 UTC 0-6 (or anytime Saturday) Generally available
Xenon English+beta UTC+0 UTC 17-23 (or all weekends) Generally available
Jade Knight en: UTC-7 .. Tues/Sat
Hillgentleman beta, En UTC-5 - Le Weekend
CQ English+beta UTC-6 lurking in #wikiversity as yeoman Generally available
Michael Billington en, beta UTC+10 UTC 0-10 Any time
Javier Carro Español & English UTC+1 today, flexible After midday
WiseWoman being cranky UTC+1 why not right now odd times
Next user Main project Timezone Preferred times Availability

Channel edit

What IRC channel should we have this meeting in? Can anyone get in touch with the ChanOp of irc.freenode #wikiversity ? Otherwise #wikiversity-en is available, but doesn't seem ideal (en-centric)...

Could we not meet in a research-specific channel, such as #wikiversity-research (doubt it exists)? - Xenon (talk)

Agenda edit

Ideas here..