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ويكي جامعة

تعريف بويكي جامعة

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ويكي جامعة هي ساحة لخلق واستخدام مواد وأنشطة تعليمية. وهذه الصفحة توضح ما لا يوجد أو ما لا يحدث في ويكي جامعة.

ويكي جامعة ليست:

  • مكان يمنح ألقاب: لا تسمح ويكي الجامعة للمساهمين فيها أن يطلقوا على أنفسهم لقب أستاذ بمجرد بدء أحد الأقسام أو تولي زمام المحتوى في أحد الأقسام. لو كنت فعلا أستاذا، لك مطلق الحرية في أن تلقب نفسك بهذا اللقب، إلا أن ويكي الجامعة لا تسمح للأفراد أن يسبغوا على أنفسهم ألقاب من اختيارهم.
  • A degree-granting institution: Wikiversity does not currently confer academic degrees/diplomas/certificates etc.
  • A duplication of other Wikimedia projects. While Wikiversity complements other Wikimedia projects, it will not simply duplicate their content. So, if you want to read about a topic, you may be better off visiting, say, Wikipedia or Wikibooks, but if you want to learn about this topic, you can do so at Wikiversity. Learning materials will be created and used on Wikiversity, but materials on other projects may also be used as learning materials themselves or even places to consolidate this learning, i.e. writing an article, manual etc based on what you've learned. There may be some overlapping, but each project will maintain its own focus.
  • A post-secondary institution. Wikiversity will not confine itself to "higher" or "third" level materials, but rather develop materials for all age groups. It is a university in the sense of a transnational community of teachers, learners, and researchers ("universitas magistrorum et scholarium") dedicated to lifelong learning.
  • An advertising platform. Wikiversity makes a distinction between:
    • a) creating tutorials about useful software, linking to useful learning resources at other websites and otherwise exploring commercialized products that might be useful to learners
    • b) allowing Wikiversity webpages to be used to advertise commercialized products.
Please respect the educational mission of Wikiversity. If you want to practice self-promotion, discuss a commercialized product or a personal or commercial website then respect the need to present your information in the form of an objective and informative learning resource. If you do not know what this means, expect Wikiversity participants to flag your contributions as unwelcome advertisements.