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If there is any problem, leave a message at Wikiversity:Babel and someone will fix it.

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Wish Chinese Wikiversity to be established soon!


联系/Contact:voy:zh:User:夢蝶葬花 or w:zh:User:夢蝶葬花

中文项目页面翻译状态/Translation status about project namespace page


当前的计划/Current plan:

  1. 翻译完所有的项目页面。使用上边的功能,全部消除未翻译状态。
    • Translate all project pages. Use the above function to eliminate all untranslated status.
  2. 设置简繁重定向并分类好。
    • Set up simplified Chinese-traditional Chinese redirects and classify them.
  3. 自己写一点东西,不能只动架子。
    • Write a little something by self, can't just move the shelves.


Finally, if you are interested in promoting the development of Chinese Wikiversity, you are welcome to leave a message on my discussion page!